Age is just a number!

24 07 2007

In our house, we don’t celebrate Birthdays.  Our main celebrations are the Islamic festivals and our achievements- academic or else. We have a large and rather growing family, which means there is always someone graduating, passing their exams, getting into college, getting a new job or memorising the Qur’an, going Hajj or even getting married.. all year round.

In the past 23 years of my life, I’ve never contemplated or given thought to my Birth day going by as if it has no significance.  July has always been a very stressful month for me for the past decade… being the month of exams/courseworks/deadlines probably kept me pretty occupied.. to give my own birth day a significance!

Yesterday, I turned 24, and for the first time in my life it hit me. What does it mean? I am unable to find  a perspective on it. Is it a happy or sad day? Is it just numbers or does it have any significance? My head goes blank and can’t seem to formulate any views except thanking my Rabb for allowing me to be who I am.

alhamdulillahi Rabil Alameen. (All praise be to Allah).




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24 07 2007

Happy Birthday! :p

25 07 2007

lol. I so wanted to hear someone say this. :p

25 07 2007

You are right. Age is a number, but it can warn us that we hv little time to do good job and satisfy our God. But about birthday, i dont have any comment to celebrate it or not. It is different in culture of families. The best effect of the day is remind us to rebirth. Everyday should be birthday, But we humans are very oblivious, we need always reminder.:)

25 07 2007

By the way, Happy Happy Birthday!

25 07 2007

Thanks, Shahrzad, very kind of you. 🙂

26 07 2007


Haha! What a coincidence. I turned 25 this july too and for the first time in my life I didn’t celebrate my birthday. I used to, untill I realized every birthday brings us a year closer to the grave. Besides, our day to day survival is not entirely our own doing but Allah’s.

It felt great actually. I thanked Allah, looked back on my last year, and prayed for better years ahead. That’s what I believe birthdays are good for; reflections.

Nice blog… I’ll be popping by again, 🙂

26 07 2007

Wa alaikum assalaam

“That’s what I believe birthdays are good for; reflections.”

I couldn’t agree more. I did reflect and it made me realise many things.

Thanks for dropping by and please do come back.

oh and happy Birthday 😀

26 07 2007

Age is but just a number! You are as old as you feel 🙂

I remember when I turned 24. Actually I went all panicky when I hit 20! I loved been a teenager :p

Belated Happy B’day Tia!

27 07 2007

“you are as old as you feel”

As a teenager, I so wanted to grow up, now I think why?

Thanks Sumera 🙂

7 08 2007

Good for reflections, oh yeah and a reminder for mum “when are you going to get married” lol….

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