he would not bow before Oppressors…

27 07 2007

I logged into one of my email accounts which I have not checked for a while and found someone had sent me this. It reminded of the events of Karbala and the martyrdom of Imam Al-Hussain (ra). Martyred for a just cause, against an oppressor, against evil and tyranny.

As the lal Masjid re-opened today for Salatul Jumm’ah under the government appointed Imam, the congregation, after seeing human organs and parts of Qur’an pages amidst the rubble of the desecrated mosque turned against the authorities. The people of Pakistan are resorting to desperate measures seeing no way out, as the west grooms Bhutto as the future PM along with the military dictator with serious human rights abuses hanging down his neck.

May Allah rid the people of Pakistan of this Yazid.

It can be read here




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