Islamising the West…

28 07 2007

The Pope’s private secretary has given warning of the Islamisation of Europe and stressed the need for the continent’s Christian roots not to be ignored, in comments released yesterday.

“Attempts to Islamise the West cannot be denied,” Monsignor Georg Gaenswein was quoted as saying in an advance copy of the weekly Sueddeutsche Magazin …

“The danger for the identity of Europe that is connected with it should not be ignored out of a wrongly understood respectfulness,” the magazine quoted him as saying.

He also defended a speech that the Pope gave last year that linked Islam and violence, saying it had been an attempt by the pontiff to “act against a certain naivety”. Source

It got me wondering what is it about Europe which Monsignor is so worried about being ‘Islamised’ ? I often use the term ‘Islamisation’ in reference to transformation of societies in the Muslim world and their laws to be Islamically influenced. I am sure, thats not what is meant by Islamisation of Europe. So what is Islamisation?

Islamization (also spelt Islamisation, see spelling differences) or Islamification means the process of a society’s conversion to the religion of Islam, or a neologism meaning an increase in observance by an already Muslim society. The English synonyms, mohammedanisation and muslimization, in use since before 1940 (e.g., Waverly Illustrated Dictionary) convey a similar meaning. Source: Wiki

First it was the Pope who used the speech of a man dead some 700 years to voice his own thinking. Now, its his private secretary worried about the growth of Islam in a secular continent where religion has no value? Perhaps, the Pontiff and his secretary are threatened by Turkey joining the EU and the recent Muslim overwhelming election victory over the secularists. Could it be that the immense hatred and ignorance of Islam from crusader days still prevails in the church? The Pontiff did quote from 14th-century Byzantine emperor Manuel II last year, which his secretary has endorsed sharing the same level of … I wouldn’t say ignorance. I don’t think the Pontiff or his men are ignorant. There is a pattern in the use of the buzz words like ‘Islamism’ and ‘Islamisation’ and the only group of people it concerns the most is the world leaders. This in fact.. is no surprise to me since the first ever group of people who tried to malign Islam or found it threatening were the leaders.

Anyway, there was something I did find interesting though, he said: “It has to be said that there is no such thing as Islam and it does not have a voice that is obligatory and binding to all Muslims.”

Although, some Muslims may find this offensive. I certainly do not. In fact, I believe there is some level of truth in that statement. Islam doesn’t have a voice that is obligatory and binding, not since the last Caliphate. The only thing we do have is the scriptures (Quran and Sunnah) and we are encouraged to follow those to the best of our ability. But what about the Catholics?? Is the Pope really the binding voice of Catholic Christians across the world? If he is, isn’t it ironic that the voice which is binding on them is still stuck in the 14th century and making irresponsible comments which does not suit Religious leaders. I am sure if some Muslim ‘cleric’ had said the opposite he would be picked up for ‘incitement of religious hatred’!! Nonetheless, this attitude clearly explains why the people of the West are adopting secularism, atheism, or even Islam at a growing rate. They should heed the words of this rather honest thinker and scholar:

“I have studied him the wonderful man, and in my opinion far from being an anti-christ, he must be called the saviour of humanity. I believe that if a man like him were to assume the dictatorship of the modern world, he would succeed in solving the problems in a way that would bring it the much needed peace and happiness. Europe is beginning to be enamoured of the creed of Muhammad. In the next century it may go still further in recognizing the utility of that creed in solving its problems and it is in this sense that you must understand my prediction..”
(George Bernard Shaw)




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29 07 2007

You really mentioned good subject. They are too angry for growing of islam in west. I found them so scared. They make so many sites and weblogs everyday to advertise for christianity and always warn people about islam. They never understand that Islam does not need advertise or something. Entrance of Islam is hearts. 🙂

29 07 2007

You said, “Could it be that the immense hatred and ignorance of Islam from crusader days still prevails in the church?”

I’m afraid it’s alive and kicking! Christianity is a religion that makes no room for them to take up arms against Muslims directly. So play of words, psyching up the public by perpetuating the fear of Islam is their only means of ‘retribution’ for what seems to be an Islamization of the continent… nay the world. Hehehe…

And, “I am sure if some Muslim ‘cleric’ had said the opposite he would be picked up for ‘incitement of religious hatred’!!”

Indeed so. Recently in Nigeria the Sultan of Sokoto made a similar remark. He said Muslims should step up da’wah to stem the tide of Christian evangelism. Immediately it was assumed he said Muslims should go out and start chopping off the neck of Christians. Sheesh!!

29 07 2007

Im not completely sure what kind of Islamisation the Pope and his people are worried about. What kind of threat are they talking about? If people wish to follow Islam then that is their choice. They aren’t being co-erced into it. Most of Eastern Europe may be Christians but the ovewhelming majority are secular, and dont see what place religion has in addressing and controlling the affairs of society, the country and its people.

30 07 2007

Shahrzad: It seems ironic that they have invested so much wealth and resources in their missionary campaigns in Muslim countries and through electronic media.. when people are feeling warm towards Islam right in their own turff.

Bubble: There may not be any room to take up arms in their theology, but it did not stop their institution from inciting religious hatred during the crusades. Though, I don’t think history can repeat itself in that way again, nonetheless these type of comments do contribute towards Islamophobia.

Sumera: Precisely, what difference does it really make to Europe if there are as many mosques as churches? when any religion has no effect on how societies or governments are run in Europe?

Perhaps the Catholic church is trying too hard to fit in with Bush and Blair (oops! i mean Brown)’s agendas.

1 08 2007
Islamisation of the West « Inner Reflections Transcribed

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1 08 2007

If Islam would not have conquered jerusalem and other land around that area, do you think the crusades would have happened? they had conquered “christian” lands. It would be dishonest of anyone to say that the crusades did not have some aspect of defending and defeating the expanding muslim armies. Yes the crusades were also about wealth and power of the catholic church, however, history is sound that but for the muslim military imperialistic goals, there would be no crusades.

2 08 2007

The French learned writer Count Henri Decastri wrote in his book entitled ‘Islam’ in 1896:

“I cannot imagine what the Muslims would say if they heard the tales of the mediaeval ages and understood what the Christian orators used to say in their hymns; all our hymns even those which emerged before the 12th century emanated from one concept which was the cause of the crusades, these hymns were filled with hatred towards the Muslims due to the total ignorance of their religion. As a result of those hymns and songs, hatred against that religion became fixed in people’s minds, and the erroneous ideas deeply rooted, some of which are still carried nowadays. Everyone used to regard the Muslims as polytheists, disbelievers, idol worshippers and apostates.”

This is how the Christian clergy in Europe described the Muslims and their religion. The allegations in the mediaeval ages were horrible and these were used to incite the feelings of hatred and animosity against the Muslims. The Christian world became affected and the crusader wars took place. After lasting two centuries resulting in the defeat and the humiliation of the Christians, the Muslims began to reconquer the West in the 15th century when the Islamic State entered Constantinople. Then in the 16th century the Muslims swept across southern and eastern Europe and carried Islam to its peoples. Millions of the inhabitants of Albania, Yugoslavia, Bulgaria and other countries embraced Islam in the process. Once again the crusader animosity was revived and the Orientalist concept emerged, which was concerned at the time with resisting the Muslim armies, halting the Islamic conquest and lessening the threat of the Muslims. This deeply rooted animosity in the minds and hearts of the Europeans prompted all Christians in Europe to send their missionaries to Muslim land in the name of science and culture. The missions took the shape of schools, clinics, associations and clubs. The Europeans devoted almost unlimited resources and huge efforts to the missionary work. They combined their efforts and methodology despite their differences in policy and interests. Peoples and states were united behind the missionary effort since it was conducted by their consuls, ambassadors, delegates and missionaries

There still exists this pattern of hatred that shows in their mind the true feelings towards Islam. It is clear that thier agenda runs parallel with the Islamophobia that has gripped Western countries.

2 08 2007

another side of ‘war on political Islam’ imho.

3 08 2007

It would be safe to suggest these remarks are in line with the western agenda to containt political Islam and de-politicise the Muslims in the west.

3 08 2007

Tia, you said: “Precisely, what difference does it really make to Europe if there are as many mosques as churches? when any religion has no effect on how societies or governments are run in Europe?”

Do you really believe so? I mean let’s project into the future for a bit, if and when an overwhelming majority of the population become Muslims, don’t you think secularism will be pushed to the fringes?

I look at what’s happening in majority Muslim countries in the world today; pockets who go against the grain by insisiting on an institution of the sharia. In that sense, I personally think their fears are justified because it does not work to their advantage.

6 08 2007

dear Bubbles, I do agree it can potentially happen, but not if they manage to de-politicise the Muslims through harassment, draconian laws, and not to mention ‘Uncle Tom’ Muslims. In Britain we already have some ridiculous government sponsored sufi organisations with reputeable scholars delivering conferences on ‘how to become good Briitsh Muslims’. British Muslim here means secular Muslims similar to the Christians or any other religion that exists. We now have another government sponsored org called ‘Secular Muslim council of Britain’. Another perspective on the future could be a country with over whelming Muslim population, yet they are secular like the Christians, they pray 5 times, fst in Ramadhan but in terms of their views and thinking they are Capitaistic and liberal.

6 08 2007

Hmmm… solid point! Your train of thoughts reminds of neutered dogs and de-clawed cats, hehehe…

7 08 2007

lol. neutered dogs and de-clawed cats.. hehhe :p

21 12 2008
Wasn't exactly what I was looking for, but neat website. Have a nice day.

Louise W…

Greetings, just wandered by….

13 05 2013

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