Muslim Fanaticism

26 08 2007

The Musilms Ummah today finds itself in an unpalatable situation, an intellectual and political slumber with no way out. Many commentators observe the problem of the Muslims to be a political problem requiring a political solution. There are various solutions being proposed amongst which changing the system from within seems the most popular. In many Muslim countries the Shari’ah is being imposed gradually in some areas, and this is seen as revival. Whereas, some people have looked upon certain political events in the middle-east and as a ‘resurgence’ of Islam, no doubt a certain reaction to the modern world based on Islamic sentiments is involved. But in fact, what we are observing is the death throes of civilisation. Despite all the lip service given to the Qur’an and Prophet (saw), careful observation of what has been happening reveals the following: The Shari’ah is enforced only when it conveniently can be harmonised with ideologies imported from outside; the rest of the Shari’ah is ignored. The Islamic doctrine (Imaan) has totally been distorted; a way of life that always put God before the world has now become another social dogma, one ‘ism’ amongst others.

A pessimistic approach is contrary to the teachings of Islam and hopelessness is not an option. But seeing the atrocities and injustices whilst not being able to do much about it leaves many perplexed. It builds up anger, some manage to channel this anger towards political activism, campaigning, demonstrations or firey speeches constantly going on about the need for Muslims to wake up. Although; some of these activities are helpful in brining the senses back to normality as long as people are pointed towards a sensible direction. However, it can very well have the opposite effect where anger turns into blind hatred, envy, self-centredness, narrow mindedness, and consequently fanaticism.

But the most telling, and for the people with religious sentiments the most obvious, manifestation of the non-Islamic nature of events can be seen in the domain of Ihsan (spirituality), or rather the lack of it. In the view of Islamic spirituality, the beauty and nobility of the human soul are of primary importance. The noblest of Muslims, i.e., the most pious, have always radiated love and mercy, for nearness to Allah (swt) means nearness to His nature and distance from fallen -negligent and forgetful- human nature, i.e., from self-centredness, narrowness, ignorance, and bigotry. But anyone with eyes to see is able to discern the symptoms of the hate that underlies certain so-called ‘Islamic’ movements today: ugliness, noise, clamour, stridency, fanatical narrow mindedness, a total lack of compassion. Nothing further from traditional Islamic values and virtues can be imagined. The fact that the Muslim countries today not only ignore the role that outward beauty and environmental harmony have always played in Islamic civilisation but are usually hostile to it as well only confirms these points. In short, we see before us the semblance of an Islamic form, since the Shari’ah is paraded around as the basis of society. But in many cases it is perhaps not too much to say that the body of Islam has been emptied of its spirit and, like a zombie, it does the work of its new masters.

{Repel (an evil) with one which is better, then verily he with whom there was enmity between you, (will become) as though he was a close friend. But none is granted it except those who are patient ? and none is granted it except the owner of the great portion (of happiness in the Hereafter, i.e. Paradise and of a high moral character) in this world. And if an evil whisper from Shaytan tries to turn you away (O Muhammad ) (from doing good), then seek refuge in Allah. Verily, He is the Hearing, the Knowing.} (41:34-36)

Ibn Abbas (ra) narrated regarding [41:34], “It means to be patience when angry, forgiving when hurt. If they do this then Allah will protect them and their enemies will surrender to them.” {Imam Bukhari reported this with a Mu’allaq Isnad}




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26 08 2007

Unfortunately you are right. The islam they show is a body without spirit and also they harm spirit of Islam. Maybe the problem is that every single person interprets deen and religion by own and make a Fatwa!! I can see this problem even in weblogs, spc extrimist one. Imagine this event in muslim world..
Islam is the only political religion. But as you mentioned, most people when come across this part of islam, can not be moderate. They always have ifrat or tafrit. For they see everything in 2 colors, black and white. It makes people disappointed about political Islam. I think that’s bcs there is not a stable opinian between sculars. And most sculars have salary by government so they are governmental staff. That’s why they do not take independence idea and can not make change!

26 08 2007

I’ve noticed with people who belong to Islamic groups they are intolerent of other views and like to impose their iterpretation of Islam on others. Sometimes they desperately try to win argument by getting angry or putting down the other person or namecalling.

27 08 2007

Tia it seems you are creating a divide between spirituality and politics which is a big jump from your previous stances. You do realise that they compliment each other and together they create the required equilibrium. Some Islamic movements may have neglected Ihsan in error but it won’t be far from error to neglect activisim to gain spirituality alone.

27 08 2007

tia ! everything you said in your article reflects whats going on in my mind ! subanallah , I tried to copy and paste some of the stuff you said , but my computer wont let me erg ,
right now still searching and trying to understand why are we the way we are ? we either have sufi dancers , or maniac scary looking muslims !
absured to say the least
hope , seek , and ask inshalah all will be clear in the future

27 08 2007

zahra- it did not apear like that to me , what tia wrote , or perhaps I it and Im tired . lol
to be a muslim , means everything and a complete utter way of life , people know this , but subanallah always seem to lack something of one of them . my only conclusion I think it’s to do with the scholars as to how they teach , some talk about spiritualism , and leave out the rest , yeah just stay in your house and purify yourself as the world is crumbling all around us .
or people are just political and have totaly ignored puryfying ones heart , then you get the sunnah neglections ….if I continue writing it will be an essay, tia make us another post just on that 🙂

27 08 2007

Shahrzad I feel that Muslims are becoming more and more extreme, even those who think of themselves as moderate are becoming extreme moderate, and narrowness or rigidness creeps in there too.

Hasmita, I think the Muslim youth have this problem in particular, when they don’t know much about Islam except the very little taught to them by their peers, it leads to the ‘shaykh mentality’.

Zahraa- i don’t think I have changed my stances, I am just exploring the flexibilities. Btw I like the word equilibrium, it sums up a lot.

Confusedaboutlife sis I share your dilemmas. Recently I have been reflecting upon what goes on around me, the more I reflect the more things stop making sense. For most people are following Islam in a very rigid black and white way and the only reason they are doing this is because they are part of this group and thats what the shaykh says.

I don’t mean to sound like a broken record constantly criticising, but isn’t it ironic when the groups created to teach us and guide us have been plagued with the same kind of diseases as the rest of us. :S

27 08 2007

tia – ditto , great to have met you it was you ! most people are asleep , their like sheep and the shephard is the so called sheikh , with his whip of deception , that others mistaken as wisdom … yeah thats how I feel about most muslims, for some reason they cant get through their head that , take the good and leave the bad ! , NO CONSUME ALL OT TAKE NON . jeesh check the ingredients before you consume for the sake of allah , you will be asked about on the day of judgment !

27 08 2007

The problem with groups is that they believe their “cause” to be above all else, and far more important than what any other groups are doing. What they dont realise they are doing is forming “cliques” which ironically is what they are meant to be resisting and preventing others from doing. So I entirely agree with you there Tia – somewhere along the lines this “ingroup” behaviour seeps in and then they become plagued with all those issues as “normal” folk.

I personally dont see an issue with activism and being “spiritual”, I dont see them as conflicting one another, but when one begins to affect the other negatively, then it has to be recognised as problematic and needs tweaking.

Islam IS seen as rigid, its either this way or the high way. And thats because some people present it as that – which we all know isn’t the case. Islam isn’t rigid.

27 08 2007

To understand the so-called fanatics , please check the following links.

Following the dictates of Hegelian dialectic, the Globalists have created two antagonizing forces, the “Liberal-Democratic” West, against Terrorism, or “political Islam”, to force us into the acceptance of their final alternative, a New World Order.

27 08 2007

Shaykh mentality…lol.

I agree with most of what you wrote. A holistic approach to Islam is lacking. Those who focus on the outward come off as shallow, resentful and insecure sensationalists, while those who focus on the inward alone are so wrapped up in themselves to the point of incapacitation – it borderlines on the ridiculous!

I too often ponder the plight of Muslims today. My thoughts have continually led me to one conclusion which is also my only consolation. That is we are human beings first and foremost and some of us carry our prejudices into the religion. Or should I say we never imbibe the religion in to-to so much so that we reflect the true soul of Islam. I do not condone the political zealots or Muslim fanatics. But to them their actions seem justified given the place and time and the immediate needs due to their selective if not limited understanding of the religion (in their own heads of course).

29 08 2007

“jeesh check the ingredients before you consume for the sake of allah , you will be asked about on the day of judgment” well said sis.

Sumera I don’t entirely agree that Islam should be described as rigid or else because it confines Islam, though it can be applied to people who may come across as rigid according to another’s perception.

Pacific I shall check the links soon. thanks

Bubbles, to be honest I find my own views confusing at times because I too get angry and find myself justifying actions of Muslims which may not be permissable, or I would never condone but I can understand why they do it. At times I can see Anger for the sake of Allah (swt) becoming more than just that, thats where I start thinking about the nafs.

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