There is no life after Uni!

29 08 2007

On my first day of University at the fresher’s fair a final year student claimed, ‘there is no life after uni’. I thought, how sad! After almost five years I find myself thinking, how true. Now, I can’t seem to think beyond Uni, I finished a degree, a masters and almost done with my second masters. I can’t work out what it is, the environment, lifestyle or just my own studious nature that has me addicted. I spent the whole of today going through Uni prospectuses, frantically looking at which course and which uni to hit next… even though it really is too late to enrol now. I hate my underpaid 9-5 job with no Internet access, and the option to work for my mum is no longer there since she sacked me the last time. Besides, I don’t want to work, I just want to be at Uni for the rest of my life. 😦




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30 08 2007

lol Tia you can’t be doing uni for rest of your life. Time to move on and do something else. How about cooking?

30 08 2007

tbh I miss Uni too, I had the best time of my life at uni. I think you might be right. πŸ™‚

31 08 2007

AA- Tia,

I agree with you and Hasmita…best days for sure…and once you step into the real world, ain’t no goin back! 😦

Such is life! Each phase has its own subtle nuances with its pros and cons…. sorta like marriage and single life. πŸ™‚

31 08 2007

awww your a study holic, did your parents ever say , tia honey it is time to get married and make babys ?
why dont you consider , doing more islmaic coursis ? oh how about , doing something for the muslim commuinty ?their is so many things you can do ! make sure it is good for you in the dunya and the hereafter

1 09 2007

I agree, but there is life out there, you just have to find something else to do. Get married, have kids… start a new life.

1 09 2007

Oh i hate uni, school, everything academic, makes my mind stuck in a place. lol
When i got my Bs(I have Bs in physics) i felt i got free again. After awhile i got accepted to Ms entrance exam (Again physics). But after 2 terms, i left it.
Academic courses always were my headache. I like to be in society, learn by own, manage my time by own, choose the jobs i like by own..

I was always trouble maker student in class. Oh my scores were always good, but teachers didnt like me, for they never had answer for my too many Questions.. πŸ˜€

Oh Tia, there is the best weather outside. Behind those walls there is a world waiting for you, to hug you and your mind. Leave those Uni stupid barriers. You have very good mind, need to get free from conditions of Uni..

1 09 2007

Thanks Has for not even mentioning the M word.

Confusedaboutlife problem is, where I live we don’t have any Muslims let alone Muslim community so I have to travel to the city which is miles away but seems like I may have to work something out.

Staying at home, I end up annoying everyone, even when I am trying to be nice and friendly they find me annoying like an extra useless person. And I’ve been hearing the M word day and night, think they want to get rid of me.. think Zahraa has gone over to the dark side too 😦

One can get married, it may keep them going for a while but eventually you would get bored, what than?

1 09 2007

Shahrzad you do have a point about controlled learning at Uni and academic qualification don’t really make a person due to lack of experience in life. I wish I could be like you though. First point I may need to join some re-hab because yesterday I had a job interview at the local Uni. I can’t seem to think beyond it :S lol its so sad.. i know :p

1 09 2007

I said that bcs i believe university doesnt feed you enough. Anyway as long as you dont stop learning, No difference out or inside the uni.. May all your wishes come true.. I pray.. πŸ™‚

1 09 2007

I do not know why but reading your Uni post and your comments her Ukthee it made me laugh soooo much lol sorry! I do not know why that was so funny. πŸ™‚

I have absoultely no advice to give aside from have you considered Uni P/T, evening, or online courses that lead to a degree or diploma? That way you can perhaps work and study masha’allaah? Uni’s such as Berbeck, London cater for this.

Anyhow thats as helpful as I can get- I have to reread and laugh at this again!

1 09 2007

Awwww. Tia… I wish I had something constructive to offer. My life is more or less hanging in limbo right now. The only things that keep me going are my writing and the books I read. Perhaps you could find a hobby; something you love doing. If you immerse yourself in it I’m sure by the time you come up for air something will have come around. πŸ˜€

3 09 2007

the advocate, at least it made someone laugh πŸ™‚
I don’t think online courses will help, inshallah hope I get the job at Uni, it may help.

Bubbles, aww sis I see what you mean. I am making a list of things I enjoy and let’s say its not growing :p I think i will be ok, I am spending time with the baby lambs and they like me too πŸ˜€

4 09 2007

In the universities students are subconsciously trained to be sheeples (sheep + people ). You should spend some time in spiritual seclusion and try to de-programme yourself. And find the noble and and natural role for which you were created.

How University Betrays Students

5 09 2007

its so true. The working world sucks and the pay isnt great either. And to be honest with you, if you got PAID to study and attend Uni, i’d be a student forever!

Im going back to uni for another course (you’d think an undergrad, and a postgrad would be enough but no!) this year…and possibly another one after that.

Viva la Uni!

6 09 2007

Education is an admirable thing, but it is well to remember from time to time that nothing that is worth knowing can be taught. – Oscar Wilde

It was inspired by Pacific’s comment. πŸ™‚

7 09 2007

Sumera do a phd, you get paid don’t you? which field do you study?

Bubbles I think I am going to print and stick this quote on my wall πŸ™‚

9 09 2007

I’ll have to move across the country to do a PhD in my field – and find funding for it somewhere. Plus 3 years is a long commitment and my life is hanging in limbo at the moment so I can’t afford to take that step yet 😦

Keep me in your dua’s!

10 09 2007

aw Sumera dear I pray everything goes well. cheer up πŸ™‚

12 09 2007

I graduate with my first masters in nine months inshaAllah. Even though this past academic year was a dreadful one, looking forward, I am rethinking about the views about institutional education. I just don’t know how I will survive without going to school. There is indeed NO life after school. If I had the money for it, I would be a student for life. Actually come to think of it, maybe I will save up a couple or 3 thousand dollar every year to enroll in classes. I really just cannot think without being in school. The thought of graduation is making me want to cry instead of making excited about all the possibilities.

13 09 2007

walaya its nice to know there are others like me. I got two months to finish my 2nd masters and I still don’t know what I am to do afterwards. Next week I am starting a secondment at a University which I am looking fwd to, but its only 6 months contract. Hopefully I can raise enough funds to secure another masters for next academic year. πŸ™‚

Oh and $3k for masters is not too bad. Here in UK, a half descent uni charges £4-5k for one year masters. rip off 😦

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