20 09 2007

Is there a way of removing this thing? Β Its eating up all comments including my own! arggh




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20 09 2007

Just edit the filter options in the “comments” menu

20 09 2007

Go to this forum and say your problem. It will work such a human being again:

Sometimes i think this wordpress does it intended to encourage people to forum!!

20 09 2007

Ah i forgot to mention: You can not remove akismat software. It is something on wordpress main server.. Just the wordpress webmaster can remove it!

21 09 2007

What is an ‘Akismet’? It sounds like short hand for ‘an Akhee I met’ lol!

21 09 2007

Thanks Sumera and Shahrzad, I think it has slightly improved now. I think I deleted some comments from akismet 😦

The_advocate, I can assure you its not an ‘Akhee I met’, its a spam utility which has been eating comments on my blog. I really don’t have anymore info on it but if it was a Akhee I met, I would have thrown a few things at him πŸ˜€

21 09 2007

is that why my comments have not appeard?

22 09 2007

Oh now I see my sister- a bit like some Blog virus thing that takes up space aaaargh, hmmmm I never knew these things existed until now, need I say I have absolutely no clue how you would get rid of them, sorry. 😦

Somewhat reminds me of some irritating brothers that just waste your time and do not go away (yes I can be like that too some times, I know- my apologies).

Insha’allaah your Blog will super cool as it already is.

P.S. lol this ‘Observor’ name sound like a second hand imitation of the one original ‘The_Advocate’. πŸ™‚

23 09 2007

Observer I am sorry, I wasn’t able to retrieve your long comment because it had links in it I think. Sorry 😦

The_advocate brother you are always welcome here πŸ™‚

25 09 2007
Billy Bacon

How many buses have you bombed?

25 09 2007

The say you are what you eat Billy Bacon.

Do let me know what number bus you travel on, from which stop and to what desitination, and also the timing so that I can board it at the same time wearing either a backpacks and rucksacks full of pamphelts that will teach you why pig meat is haraam.

It will blow you away- the knowledge of why you really should not eat the flesh of swine.

By the way which farm did you come trotting off from piggy?

25 09 2007

Ukthee, jezak’allaah for your kindness my sister in Islaam, may Allaah reward you dearly- Ameen.

25 09 2007

no problem at all sister, I had pasted something from another site about Taqwah. πŸ™‚

25 09 2007

lol advocate, think Mr Bacon got the message loud and clear. :p

Akismet has much to learn before it can catch our likes of Mr Bacon.

26 09 2007

Circle of Unity, Quran Reading by Bloggers:


The page is Ready.. Come and Join..

And if you can link to it to inform others.. πŸ™‚

26 09 2007

Pah! Akismet schmakismet! *insert conspiracy theory here*

You see! This is what I’ve been saying all along. I’ve always suspected techonology will bite us all in the butt one day. It’s just a matter of time before our keyboard start gnawing at our fingertips. You rest your fingers on your keyboard and in the blink of an eye you look down and all you see are bones. *insert another theory here*

Anyway… hope you got it fixed. A lot of spam have been getting to my blog pages lately too. Some comments get caught occasionally. I have to go through and approve those before deleting the unnecessary ones. I would have said it’s a tedious process but carrying rocks up a hill is tedious. So I’ll just shut up. hehe…

PS. Watch your butt Tia… and your finger tips too. And maybe your elbows. Just to be on the safe side. πŸ˜€

26 09 2007

lol Bubbles, you really are our resident conspiracy theorist. And I def need to watch my butt :p πŸ˜€

5 10 2007

my mum n cousin calls me Aki short for Akbar πŸ™‚

So im the AKi u met! i also wondered wat akismet was

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