Mina Ahadi – Secularist of the Year!

29 10 2007

Mina Ahadi,  an Iranian dissident was recently awarded Secularist of the year Award by UK’s National Secular Society. Secularism in a nutshell is an assertion or belief that religious issues should not be the basis of politics, and Ahadi has striven against the religious clergy in Iran. Ahadi is also member of the communist workers party in Iran, a devert from Islam and founding member of the committee of ex-Muslims. Her achievements for secularism primarily circle around personal vendetta against Islam based on her experiences in Iran and perhaps her affiliation with communism. Hence, she accurately fits in description of a circumstantial secularist, a proponent of secularism in countries like Iran, who would be greeted with open arms by the Western secularists. In fact, any anti-Islam element, be it an organisation or individual can reach fame these days by criticising Islam or its laws in the West, like the fraudster turned media whore Ayan al-Heresay and the likes.

The secularist West is not sparing a single stone unturned in its secular vision for the Middle-east and the Muslim World. Iran stands accused of fuelling the ‘deadly ideology’ as the West prepares to enforce its ‘peaceful’ Secular ideology by initiating a War on Iran. We have already seen and continue to watch the fruits of Secularism in Afghanistan, Iraq, and may have to brace ourselves to see Secularism in action as the case for war on Iran is concocted.

Our secularist of the year probably is an outcast in Iranian society and certainly does not represent the views of the masses. Although, she is unable to influence the masses in Iran through ideas alone due to serious lack of substance, she may win some sympathisers by glorifying her experiences or perhaps become an Iranian Secularist icon. That’s not so important, not as much as how a Secularist is awarded and an Islamist declared ‘evil’ when those distinguishing good from evil are the very Secularists on a mission to destroy the world.


Politics of ‘Terrorist Attacks’

22 10 2007

This week marks the “Islamo-Fascism awareness week” a campaign initiated by a ‘Terrorism Awareness Project‘, which also coincides with “Stop Kuffarphobia Demonstration” organised by Stop Islamisation of Europe (SIOE) on 26th of October in London. What a busy week for some! I don’t really know what to say about these campaigns because I am unable to find any intellectual basis for this kind of Islamophobic attitude. We all know what student life is about, you have too much time, energy and perhaps anger, which can be tapped into very easily by those searching out for foot soldiers to push their agendas. I wouldn’t be surprised if their blind hatred for Islam one day became source of their guidance! Anway, what is more interesting is how the media will report these events and the reaction from various communities. Let’s see how it goes.

Apart from that, Terrorist attacks are on the high these days. Though, there is something indifferent or strange about the recent trend of terrorist attacks… no one is coming forward to claim responsibility for one, and if there is one.. the org is likely to be unheard of. What is also interesting is that ‘terrorist attacks’ are becoming part and parcel of mainstream politics. Like all other form of political activism, significant political events are nowadays followed by terrorist attacks which almost always serve the interest of the rulers, particularly when it comes to implementing certain anti-Islam policies. Gordon Brown’s taking office followed terrorist attack in Glasgow and more recently, the former prime minister of Pakistan Benazir Bhutto’s return to homeland triggered off a terrorist attack. Everyone is too quick to point fingers at the Islamic separatists or those ‘militants’ from the neighboring Afghanistan, perhaps rightly so, since some of their leaders have been threatening BB with attempts on her life. However, surely if it was one of them they would have claimed by now since the purpose of terrorism is to make that political point which cannot be made without identification of the perpetrator, their motives, objectives and demands.

What I also find puzzling is that these terrorists are considered masterminds and the complexity of their operations speak volumes, furthermore they are armed with the latest weapons technology, satellites, sophisticated intelligence and so on.. which beggars the question: why are their victims always innocent poor civilians?? If they wished to target Government or Army staff, they could very well do that as I am sure most of them walk about freely with minimum security for day to day chores!

If these terrorist are motivated by Islam as it is claimed, wouldn’t the negative public opinion generated from attacks on civilians kill their popularity?? Could it be that there are other terrorist networks working to discredit the existing networks? What about the Government itself? If anyone, Musharaf’s ailing government has the most to gain from these attacks with upcoming elections. Whilst Islamists are discredited, BB (who has been dismissed twice on corruption charges) and her early return to Pakistan was actually to escape money laundering charges in Switzerland rather to restore ‘democracy’, seem like a victim and a distraction away from her trials abroad. It is alleged that BB has made a deal backed by the US and Britain to save their long serving puppet Musharaf. This alliance did not go so well with some members of Musharaf’s Q league as well as some army officials. This is further confirmed by a statement by Bhutto to the BBC:

“I’m not saying the government hatched a plot, but I am saying that elements within the administration and security apparatuses are people who want me out of the way,” Ms Bhutto said.

“The extremists are worried about my return because it promises change and they would like to stop the change and transition to democracy… And they would like to kill me.”

This makes me question the whole concept, idea and the politics of terrorist attacks. They have been going on for too long in Iraq between the Shia and Sunnis, who previously lived together side by side until the US interference in the region. More importantly who gains from these attacks? not Sunni or Shia.

So who is behind these chain of terrorist attacks? Who are these terrorists? Well, the so called ‘terrorists’ we have known need to know there are ‘Others’..and maybe they should watch ‘Lost’ to understand what these ‘Others’ are capable of.

Dangerous Books

17 10 2007

Shahrzad tagged me. She says “i dont really believe that books can be that much dangerous. They can be motivation, yet that’s related to person, how much can be influanced by them! ”  I agree with her. Books can be a great source of  knowledge and may I also add, ‘power’, the ability to influence others and sometimes in mastering the art of oratory.

Total number of books?

I really don’t know how many, I have been reading since childhood and its something I cannot go to bed without. Def not 4000 :p

Last book read?

The Muqaddimah by Ibn Khaldun. A deep analysis and views on history, its collection, critique, including some detailed exposition of concepts which make and break civilisations, cultures, dynasties. What made him an expert was the fact that he was not merely an historians like all others, he was also a scientist, political theorist, economist, a philosopher, basically all in one, hence he was able to define basis of human civilisation with accuracy. A master piece in my opinion. This recent English translation is remarkable. Even though I am having to read some paragraphs several times to truely grasp the depth of Ibn Khaldun’s thoughts, nonetheless I am truly enjoying every bit of it and able to apply his theories on our modern dilemmas.

Global Woman: Nannies, Maids and Sex Workers in the New Economy by Barbara Ehrenreich. Contains essays with detailed discussions and stats on the opperession caused by the western idea of ‘women’s liberation’. I have also referenced this in The equality of sexes debate.

Last book bought?

Freedom Next Time by John Pilger

Five meaningful Books?

From the hundreds of books I have read, there have only been a few which have provoked me to think, these are the books I can read over and over again and each time I read a new thought sprinkles in my head. There are at least a dozen, but I will name 5 randomly wihtout any order of preference

  1. Minhajul Abidin by Imam al-Ghazali
  2. Kitab tabaqat al-Kubra (Women of Madina) by Ibn Sa’d al-Baghdadi
  3. Milestones by Sayed Qutb
  4. Our Philosophy by Baqir al-Sadr
  5. 1984 by George Orwell

I would have tagged Bubbles as she has read books which I have not heard of and she is a real book worm. It seems she is still away doing her pg studies (what is that?). And Sumera has already tagged herself, so anyone reading this feel tagged! 😀

I love Dates

4 10 2007

I have been trying to stay offline these days in attempt to make full use of Ramadhan. At this moment, I could not stop myself from sharing my fascination and addiction with dates. This happens to be my first date eating Ramadhan. In the previous years, I have always passed on the offer to break fast with a date opting in for a chocolate or piece of fruit. The reason being.. I didn’t like the look of them! And deep down I felt the guilt of not consuming something so dearly attached to the blessed month. This year, as part of my Ramadhan preparation list I had put down, “Tia must eat dates in Ramadhan”. And guess what? they are delicious. I am pinching myself for missing out on such a lovely fruit for all these years.

Now, I am making up for all those years without dates. I have them for iftar, carry them around with me, for suhr, in cereal, I even made a dates milkshake which tasted like chocolate and the only way to describe the syrup I can find is Subhan’Allah.

Dates also hold remedy to many diseases including Witchcraft!

Dates, I love you!

(hope its readable as I posted from mobile device)/