Dangerous Books

17 10 2007

Shahrzad tagged me. She says “i dont really believe that books can be that much dangerous. They can be motivation, yet that’s related to person, how much can be influanced by them! ”  I agree with her. Books can be a great source of  knowledge and may I also add, ‘power’, the ability to influence others and sometimes in mastering the art of oratory.

Total number of books?

I really don’t know how many, I have been reading since childhood and its something I cannot go to bed without. Def not 4000 :p

Last book read?

The Muqaddimah by Ibn Khaldun. A deep analysis and views on history, its collection, critique, including some detailed exposition of concepts which make and break civilisations, cultures, dynasties. What made him an expert was the fact that he was not merely an historians like all others, he was also a scientist, political theorist, economist, a philosopher, basically all in one, hence he was able to define basis of human civilisation with accuracy. A master piece in my opinion. This recent English translation is remarkable. Even though I am having to read some paragraphs several times to truely grasp the depth of Ibn Khaldun’s thoughts, nonetheless I am truly enjoying every bit of it and able to apply his theories on our modern dilemmas.

Global Woman: Nannies, Maids and Sex Workers in the New Economy by Barbara Ehrenreich. Contains essays with detailed discussions and stats on the opperession caused by the western idea of ‘women’s liberation’. I have also referenced this in The equality of sexes debate.

Last book bought?

Freedom Next Time by John Pilger

Five meaningful Books?

From the hundreds of books I have read, there have only been a few which have provoked me to think, these are the books I can read over and over again and each time I read a new thought sprinkles in my head. There are at least a dozen, but I will name 5 randomly wihtout any order of preference

  1. Minhajul Abidin by Imam al-Ghazali
  2. Kitab tabaqat al-Kubra (Women of Madina) by Ibn Sa’d al-Baghdadi
  3. Milestones by Sayed Qutb
  4. Our Philosophy by Baqir al-Sadr
  5. 1984 by George Orwell

I would have tagged Bubbles as she has read books which I have not heard of and she is a real book worm. It seems she is still away doing her pg studies (what is that?). And Sumera has already tagged herself, so anyone reading this feel tagged! 😀




19 responses

18 10 2007

Ive got Milestones lying about – perhaps something got lost in the translation, but I didn’t see what was so exemplary about it (given I’ve only read 2 pages of it!). I assume the “good stuff” is yet to come and I should give it a chance :p

18 10 2007

oh I have read 1984 by george orwell , i read that book when I was 16 since then it stuck with me the whole pschyological thing about it , tia if I could I would borrow your brain for a day so I can suck out any knowledge that you have and put it in my brain 😛 because really appreciate the fact you have had the chance to study like that , hey is baqar al sadr shia ? because the name sounds very familiar .
I would be greatly intrested in reading minhajul al abidin by imam ghazali .
right now the book I am reading just got it yesterday is about parenting ( sorting my dilemma of parenting and trying to understand motherhood )

18 10 2007

Sumera, to new readers Milestones may not seem resembling anything profound due to the amount of information available these days, and the fact that what has been presented in Milestones has been re-produced in several books, articles, lectures that a reader may not find anything new in the original book. Try reading it from a social scientist looking to change society’s point of view because thats what the book describes, i.e the Islamic worldview, social structure and a change. What I find so interesting about it is that its written in a very general way, during his time in prison, which means so many different views and perspectives may emanate from it such as the Ultra Ikhwanis (ISB/MAB) or Takfeeris. I can still read it a few more times :p

Amal, I only read 1984 a few years ago, in school we did Animal Farm which is as good 🙂 Yep, Baqir al-Sadr is from the Shia school, the Sadr city in Iraq is named after him I believe. He wrote extensively on Philosophy and in his book ‘Our Philosophy’ he refuted socialism and western philosophy at a very crucial time when Baathism (arab socialism) was becoming dominant in Arab world, he was executed by Saddam for opposing his Ba’athist regime.

As for Minhaj al-Abidin, Amal you should have a read, it will help your sufism research because it is like a summary of all of al-Ghazali’s ideas and its almost entirely dedicated to Tazkiyatun nafs.
You have just been tagged. 😀

18 10 2007

Awwww, what a beautiful books really. I love Ibn Khaldun and Qazali soooo much. Qazali even has books in Persian.
It seems you are in love with philosophy like me. You are also good with Theosophy?
I love Muhammad Baqir Sadr. I like his thought. He was classy scular in his era, open minded..
From the meaningful books, i read Minhajul Abedin by Qazali, Our Philosophy by Sadr and recently the Milestones by Sayed Qutb. I heard the milestines book name in your blog and found a free e.copy of it.
Mean you transmit good thoughts, Tia.. 😀

18 10 2007

Theosophy i mean Irfan

20 10 2007

Shahrzad seems like you have read every book available :p

I have studied philosophy but it was more academic knowledge when I did my Masters in Political Philosophy. I did my dissertation on socio-political thoughts of Baqir Sadr and Syed Qutb which I really enjoyed 🙂

Theosophy is interesting, I have only recently understood Irfan or the method of the Urafaa and that was mainly from M Mutahhari’s book ‘Fundamentals of Islamic thought’, you must have read that too. Shahrzad I am waiting for you to add some philosophical discussions at your blog! 🙂

22 10 2007

hmm I just got tagged huh ?! well inshallah will write it up soon .

22 10 2007

Tia, You need to read Light Within Me too. I mentioned part of it in my blog. I read all Mutaharri’s books and also critical opinions toward him and bla bla. He has good thoughts. I love his look toward islam, that’s modern and logical..
You need to read Tabataba’i’s books too. And a book named as Ma’aad by Dastgheib. Tabataba’i is one of famous philosopher..
You ever read something by Mulla Sadra? His book is difficult for me.
I really like to add philosophical discussions. But i need to make a page, not entry. At page you can have its particular readers. Yet in main blog, i focused on social issues in muslim world and Iran.
I think we have much word to share.. If you want i hv Shia scolars’ books as Ebook to share with you. You give me sunni ones. Newly im reading a book by Sayyid Abdul A’la Almawdudi, name as “Towards understanding Islam”
He is a pakistani sunni scolar. I heard his mind and his books are good.
You read it before?
If you want you can doewnload here: http://www.box.net/shared/sctlfpuz4x

22 10 2007

Amal, I’ll be checking your blog for that :p

Shahrzad, is mullah Sadra=Shirazi? if so, I always wanted to read his works but never got around to. I’ve read Maududi, I agree with his views in many ways, let me know what you think of him.

And you should setup a page at your blog, me and you have alot to share sis 😀

23 10 2007

You know? I wanted to study Philosophy of Science for Master. But i gave up the official education. Im reading by own.. I make the page.. I hv some jobs to do before that.. I will inform you 🙂

23 10 2007

oh madudi heard a lot about him , from a friend of mine she was telling me about him just yesterday , I wish I had time to read all this philosphy stuff . she was telling me about madudi how people dont like him because he talks about things that people dont want to hear ( truth) truth always seems bitter for people I just dont get it .

9 12 2007
Waseem khan

if u read his philosphy all of ur confusions will be erased……
he is one of the ullama who writes the truth but at the end when he ends his books there is a silent msg for all of us n do read his book “khilafat aur Malukiyat”……
i hope u will get some information…..

9 12 2007

@waseem khan – yeah know I have his tafsir right here in front me , I did some research on him and their is a group of muslims that say he was not on quran and sunnah , meaning he made a tafsir of the quran with out hadeeth , not from quran and sunnah . They view him as a writor , they said the same thing about sayed qutb , they both came around the same time . It seems they have similiar ideas . I think all muslims make mistakes , but I am sure he had great ideas he had an effect on people .

28 12 2007

Aww… didn’t see this in time. I’ll put it on my to do list… can’t exactly think right now cause I’m on my honeymoon, hehe…

(P.S. Post graduate studies = pg studies) 😀

28 12 2007

Why do my comments keep dissapearing? *sigh*

4 01 2008

yeah he is a great aalim but if u read clearly his tafseer “tafheemul quran” of 1991 edition then u will clearly find out his mistakes…..one of mistake which i underlined is that in surah”Ibrahim” he says that naozbillah ibrahim (AS) aarzi mushrik hain which means thats Ibrahim was temproray non muslim…….so u can get some clearance from it that he writes about prophets in such manner…….and all of we know that prophets cannot do any sin…..
and this sin which he wrote is on the top list of sins so u just imagine from it…….there r many other points like about yousaf (AS) and Davoud (AS) and many more…….
so plz plz u just think and get clear ur idea….
ok thanx alot…..

26 03 2008
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