Politics of ‘Terrorist Attacks’

22 10 2007

This week marks the “Islamo-Fascism awareness week” a campaign initiated by a ‘Terrorism Awareness Project‘, which also coincides with “Stop Kuffarphobia Demonstration” organised by Stop Islamisation of Europe (SIOE) on 26th of October in London. What a busy week for some! I don’t really know what to say about these campaigns because I am unable to find any intellectual basis for this kind of Islamophobic attitude. We all know what student life is about, you have too much time, energy and perhaps anger, which can be tapped into very easily by those searching out for foot soldiers to push their agendas. I wouldn’t be surprised if their blind hatred for Islam one day became source of their guidance! Anway, what is more interesting is how the media will report these events and the reaction from various communities. Let’s see how it goes.

Apart from that, Terrorist attacks are on the high these days. Though, there is something indifferent or strange about the recent trend of terrorist attacks… no one is coming forward to claim responsibility for one, and if there is one.. the org is likely to be unheard of. What is also interesting is that ‘terrorist attacks’ are becoming part and parcel of mainstream politics. Like all other form of political activism, significant political events are nowadays followed by terrorist attacks which almost always serve the interest of the rulers, particularly when it comes to implementing certain anti-Islam policies. Gordon Brown’s taking office followed terrorist attack in Glasgow and more recently, the former prime minister of Pakistan Benazir Bhutto’s return to homeland triggered off a terrorist attack. Everyone is too quick to point fingers at the Islamic separatists or those ‘militants’ from the neighboring Afghanistan, perhaps rightly so, since some of their leaders have been threatening BB with attempts on her life. However, surely if it was one of them they would have claimed by now since the purpose of terrorism is to make that political point which cannot be made without identification of the perpetrator, their motives, objectives and demands.

What I also find puzzling is that these terrorists are considered masterminds and the complexity of their operations speak volumes, furthermore they are armed with the latest weapons technology, satellites, sophisticated intelligence and so on.. which beggars the question: why are their victims always innocent poor civilians?? If they wished to target Government or Army staff, they could very well do that as I am sure most of them walk about freely with minimum security for day to day chores!

If these terrorist are motivated by Islam as it is claimed, wouldn’t the negative public opinion generated from attacks on civilians kill their popularity?? Could it be that there are other terrorist networks working to discredit the existing networks? What about the Government itself? If anyone, Musharaf’s ailing government has the most to gain from these attacks with upcoming elections. Whilst Islamists are discredited, BB (who has been dismissed twice on corruption charges) and her early return to Pakistan was actually to escape money laundering charges in Switzerland rather to restore ‘democracy’, seem like a victim and a distraction away from her trials abroad. It is alleged that BB has made a deal backed by the US and Britain to save their long serving puppet Musharaf. This alliance did not go so well with some members of Musharaf’s Q league as well as some army officials. This is further confirmed by a statement by Bhutto to the BBC:

“I’m not saying the government hatched a plot, but I am saying that elements within the administration and security apparatuses are people who want me out of the way,” Ms Bhutto said.

“The extremists are worried about my return because it promises change and they would like to stop the change and transition to democracy… And they would like to kill me.”

This makes me question the whole concept, idea and the politics of terrorist attacks. They have been going on for too long in Iraq between the Shia and Sunnis, who previously lived together side by side until the US interference in the region. More importantly who gains from these attacks? not Sunni or Shia.

So who is behind these chain of terrorist attacks? Who are these terrorists? Well, the so called ‘terrorists’ we have known need to know there are ‘Others’..and maybe they should watch ‘Lost’ to understand what these ‘Others’ are capable of.




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23 10 2007

loool Tia, i just wanted to ask you to write something about this islamofascist they advertise. That’s really funny.. Islam particularly is not fascist at all. So what is that islam they add to fascist and feed people’s mind?
Interesting that the word is not very new for Iranians so.
Before Islamic revolution, in last riot year of Shah Era, Shapour Bakhtiar, the ex. president used the word in his talks. As Radical Islamic or IslamoFascist. Interesting that he was a draggy man completely depentent to west sps US. And now again the Idea comes up. That’s funny, isnt it?
Nowadays again they use the word. Interesting that when there were a Taliban, the islamofascism was nt something hot in news. But Now, when Iran claim to have nuclear energy, the word comes up.
They say it is something to make modern muslim separated from Fascist muslims. But again it is an instrument they use, against Islam..
Let them know that acts of Taliban or Al-Qaeda is not acceptable for many muslims, that’s true, yet their act is not Islamic at all!!

23 10 2007

Here is a funny history about the idea..

23 10 2007

These “campaigns” I feel just fuel ignorance.

And indeed if these attacks were done by “Islamists” the growing resentment would be of concern to them (then again, they may not see the upper middle class who mostly voice their disagreement as being “worthy of any notice” and you get some yuppy youth that jump on any bandwagon – and speak positively of these attacks; their “target” audience perhaps? or their “fans” who infact snowball with anything and anyone in vogue)

Besides, nothing is ever what it seems. Who knows who’s advocating these things and for what purpose/motive. X files stuff indeedy 😛

24 10 2007
terror victims

Terrorism does not make a difference among people. All groups and tribes should be united in the fighting terrorism and uprooted this bad omen phenomenon by cooperation of the government.

25 10 2007
25 10 2007

Shahrzad I just had a look at the Wiki entry on Islamofascism..lol Its interesting though when they manufacture these terms and then use them wherever they like and on whoever they like. Muslim rulers, politicians, parties have been declared terrorists by the west when their policies are against Western interests and the same are turned hero when they serve their interests. Classic example would be Arafat and his Liberation Party, he was once a Terrorist, and then he won the noble Peace price!

Sumera you get people who spend time reading news of atrocities against their brethren which angers them and they tend to express their anger by celebrating attacks. If they were sit back and conceptualize these events and the politics behind it all, they would be horrified. I’ve come across some hillarious terms like ‘keyboard Qitali’ ‘Mousemat martyr’ lol

25 10 2007

Terror Victim, I agree we need to unite and fight all forms of terrorism. But here, the terrorists are not only those who blow themselves up in middle of a Market or rally. What about those who carpet bomb entire villages? And those who blow up markets and have killed millions through shelling and economic sanctions? The terrorism we face is the State sponsored terrorism, and anyone who stands up against that kind of terrorism is most likely to be considered a ‘terrorist’. This is why I call it the politics of ‘Terrorism’

26 10 2007

I do not think any campaign can help all these negative feelings they have towards muslims , do you ever feel their is some kind of hidden agenda against muslims

26 10 2007

The recent events in Pakistan show that these are the most dangeous times for Pakistan in the last 60 years. Divide and rule has always been a time tested theory for dictatorial regimes. But this time, the division is on the basis of ideas, liberal and extreme. I think if people of Pakistan are not able to get rid of Musharaf, we will see another division or many, state within state. We will see Pashtoon and Balochistan provinces going towards either Afghanistan or some other scenario. With these recent attacks, Americans are being called into investigate which means FBI will once again state snooping around and arresting poor Pakistanis in the name of ‘Terror suspects’ to show thier own public success of war on terror.

We know the presence of US in Muslim lands is the cause of all conflict like in Iraq, Afghanistan and this whole Al-Qaeda started because of American presence in Saudi. As Americans land in Pakistan we will see situation get worse.

What is also become clear now that the threat from Baitullah Mehsud was bogus, there is no evidence to suggest he even made any threats, he even said, he has no business with Bhutto.

Today, the government onlsaught on beautiful Swat has been initiated hundreds of people have been killed in just one day, and this will be on-going. 😦

27 10 2007

tanvir- I did not realize the issues in pakistan is THIS BAD .I heard their was something about how musharaf gave usa the right to secret police in pakistan ? and now they just arrest people in pakistan and this has made the pakistani people angry …I can not remember wether it was exactly that …..I avoid watching what is going on around the world as I find I get depressed, so that is why i am ignorant I am even ignorant of my own country iraq, simply because I can not bear to know ..since it just saddens me .

28 10 2007

Do I ever feel there is a hidden agenda against Muslims? Maybe not Muslims but I have no doubt in my mind about there being one against Islam as an ideological alternative to Secular-liberal-Capitalism.

Tanvir the situation in Pakistan is terrible and sadly like most other Muslim countries thre aren’t any real practical alternatives to turn to.

30 10 2007

One thing I don’t get is when Muslim people are justifying suicide attacks on civilians! Of course, there is little evidence to say it is done by anyone in the name of Islam because often claims are made on behalf of al-Qaeda which we know little about except media and others are by the mysterious yet powerul ‘others’ as Tia put it.

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