Going Hajj…

7 12 2007

Assalam Alaikum wrtwbrkt Dear Readers.

Alhamdulilahi Rabil ‘Alameen, a short while ago we have received confirmation from our agent that everything is in order and we will be flying tomorrow to blessed place for the blessed journey. I am so overwhelmed right now as our agent could not confirm our flights in time and we almost accepted we weren’t going. All praise be to my Rabb, everything has fallen in place as we set off tomorrow.

It is my request to anyone reading this to please make Du’a that we are able to complete it and that our Rabb (swt) accepts our actions during Hajj.. insh’Allah. Also to forgive me for any wrongdoings, mistakes and shortcomings. And finally if anyone has any special du’a please let me know as I will write them all down later. Subhan’Allah the last time I went Hajj was 6 years ago, seeing the Ka’ba for the first time right in front of me was amazing experience, my legs were shaking and I had forgotten to make all the dua, insha’Allah I will do better this time 🙂

Please make Du’a for me.


“And proclaim (openly announce) to the whole of humankind the Hajj (pilgrimage). They will come to you on foot and on every lean camel, they will come from every deep and distant (wide) mountain highway (in order to perform Hajj).” [Al Hajj; 22:27]


Adolf bin Faisal bin Turki al-Saud

4 12 2007

I came accross this rather strange website. lol

Adolf bin Faisal bin Turki al-Saud

Spooky Internet Cafe!

4 12 2007

I have couple of hours spare in the afternoon between a morning class and the Hajj course at the mosque. There is no point going home since it takes a while to get in and out of town, not to mention the parking headache….so I’ve been hanging around the town for that time. Killing time is not easy, there is only so much you can walk around and that in the freezing cold. I’ve tried sitting in the car with coffee listening to radio but time still drags. Few days ago, I walked into an Internet Cafe (I’d actually never been to one of those before), it was great, checked my emails, a few blogs and two hours long gone. So, I’ve been doing that for last few days but today I totally freaked out seeing the mouse pointer move on its own across the screen. *shock* At first I ignored it, it happened again and again after a few mins. I turned around, but there was no one at the reception desk. I was too freaked out to stay there, I grabbed my bag and left.

 This usually happens when someone gains remote access to your pc, sometimes a user can never know their computer is being remote accessed unless the remote user moves the mouse in the remote screen. It happened a few times at work, the I.T guys do it to change settings with an advance warning. That’s what freaked me out, someone had been monitoring my screen and come to think of it, its happened before I just didn’t pay any attention to it.

Who was it? Better not be Spooks. well, I guess I won’t know, and I am never going back there to find out. From tomorrow I am switching back to coffee in the car with radio and perhaps continue playing lemmings on the phone. No where is safe these days, too many professional beggars on the streets and people walking around with hoods on, and when you think you may just be safe in an Internet Cafe. You are wrong!

 Internet Cafes’ are centre of most Internet related frauds and scams. A simple search for Internet Cafe Frauds/scams will reveal some shocking links to crimes a simple user is vulnerable to. So please do take care and be cautious when accessing the Internet from anywhere other than home or work and try to use copy/paste rather than typing in details if using credit card is necessary- to avoid the key-logging software.. esp on holiday trips.

Dark Stars of Islam

2 12 2007

Prophet Mohammed (PBUH) said, “The scholars on earth are like the stars in the sky. People are guided by them in the darkness of the land and the sea. If the stars are covered, people would get lost.” [Ahmad]

The Prophet of Allah (PBUH) tells us of the important role the scholars play in guiding the Ummah and championing its cause. The position of a Mufti is a position of great responsibility, dignity and authority. Those who achieve such a position are endowed with such knowledge and wisdom that the very fate and progression of the Ummah may rest on their shoulders. The entire Islamic world including its leader looks to such men with awe and respect and the words of such a man have the weight to change the progress of history. Or at least that’s how it used to be.

The grand Mufti of Egypt, Mufti Ali Gomaa’, one of the highest religious authorities of Sunni Islam is found to be almost opposite of what his title stands for. But not only him, those at al-Azhar and those running the shariah based judiciary in places like Sudan and Saudi Arabia have proven themselves to be incompetent time and time again. Far from being stars in the Sky guiding the Muslims, at a time when division and fragmentation pervade the Muslims, they have only added to the darkness by their feckless counterproductive fataawa. Take for example:

Egypt’s top Muslim scholar has defended himself against criticism for a series of controversial fatwas he has issued.

With tears in his eyes, Grand Mufti Sheikh Ali Gomaa told reporters his religious edicts were never influenced by pressure from the authorities.

Fierce criticism followed his recent ruling that speeding drivers cannot be condemned for killing people who deliberately stand in their way.

It became public days after just such a case involving a police car. 


A committee of scholars at al-Azhar university, Sunni Islam’s most prestigious institution, called the ruling “abhorrent” and something “even the devil himself hadn’t thought of”. Source

this man from al-Azhar solved the segregation issue at work by issuing a fatwa allowing women to breadfeed thier male colleagues 😮

Dr Izzat Atiya of Egypt’s al-Azhar University said it offered a way around segregation of the sexes at work.

His fatwa stated the act would make the man symbolically related to the woman and preclude any sexual relations.  Source

And last but not least

Turkish Muslims will be allowed to pray only three times a day from Wednesday instead of the usual five – without fear of committing a sin.

A member of the scientific council of Istanbul University, Muhammad Nour Dughan, has issued a controversial fatwa or religious edict cutting Islamic prayer requirements from five to three times a day.  Source

There are many more examples of such blatant ‘juristic’ errors which are often shown to discredit the Shariah.  Anyone with eyes to see can discern the irresponsible attitude of Muslim scholars throughout the world, who have turned Islam and its powerful infallable Shariah into an academic experiement. The scholars are to be blamed for the problems of the ummah, I know there are some good scholars, but they are also to be blamed for not taking government appointed feckless Muftis to task. The stars in the sky, as described by the Prophet (saw) are desperately needed now to show us how to live by Islam and the Shariah without having to reform or alter it.

Imam Ali (ra) is reported to have said, “Two types of people I cannot tolerate are – a scholar who is shameless and an ignorant worshiper. The ignorant worshipper fools the people with his worship and the scholar with his shamelessness.”

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