Adolf bin Faisal bin Turki al-Saud

4 12 2007

I came accross this rather strange website. lol

Adolf bin Faisal bin Turki al-Saud




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5 12 2007

you must know him in person to establish this to be true?

anyone can make any website.

5 12 2007

Let’s all do campaign to unite Adolph with his father.

5 12 2007

What it means then?!!! lol Really interesting site. Poor guy. I think the prince Faisal has enough wives and children to share his wealth. Doesnt want more.. πŸ˜€

5 12 2007

Love child eh…

5 12 2007

I just posted it for joke.

6 12 2007

Its a hoax! na?

18 12 2007


20 05 2012
Abandoned Saudi Kids (@AbandonedSaudis)

Hi Adolf,

I hope is you the one i’m speaking to. I recently posted your story in the blog Abandoned Children by their Saudi father, this is the link of the webpage if you are interesting to contribute or just take a look you can do it on …. I hope you don’t mind to post a entry with your story.

God bless you

17 01 2014

I don’t mind put my story my dear by the way Arabdna .com they put my DNA Familytree result it’s mAtch with sl saud tribe bye

20 12 2007

stupid joke.

12 02 2009

I wanted to contact him, but there are no contact details at all at his website. I wanted to offer him a much better DNA test. The DNA paper that is on that site is showing only the result of some autosomal genes and is quite outdated compared to modern technology and can only be useful if H.H. Emir Faisal makes a DNA test himself and lets his result be publicised. Now we have a much up-to-date technology in DNA testing – the Y-chromosome. It passes almost unchanged from father to son. So, if Adolf makes this test, we can say to which tribe he belongs. If he is really Al-Saud we would have the genetic signature of the Al-Saud, and so we can learn much about the genetic history of the Al-Saud. Right now we already have the genetic signatures of some of the great royal houses of the world, and it added greately to understanding their history.

So, Adolf, if you are reading this, please contact me at sidoroffs @ mail . ru (without spaces).

13 01 2014
Sergei Sidoroff

I can confirm that Adolf matched well some Al-Saud Princes on the Y-DNA. You can see their comparison charts here (Adolf’s number is 155333)/ You can see Adolf’s haplotype in my project

Although there are people who claim to be Al-Saud Princes who did not match, that only says that there may be 2 different ancient lineages who assumed a common descent (like with the Russian Rurikids).

Adolf certainly belongs to at least 1 of the family trees of Al-Saud Princes.

17 01 2014

Hi Sergei we’ll your comment should done some yeArs before
But it’s ok it’s never to late thanks for your comment
Shall I do the y 111 test or not necessary ??

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