Breakup of the Middle-East

2 02 2008

The breakup of the Middle-East and most of the Muslim world is the most talked about subject these days. I found this articles at the which discusses Iraq and the future map of what is known as the Muslim world.

A report from the new Middle East—and a glimpse of its possible future

by Jeffrey Goldberg

After Iraq
Not long ago, in a decrepit prison in Iraqi Kurdistan, a senior interrogator with the Kurdish intelligence service decided, for my entertainment and edification, to introduce me to an al-Qaeda terrorist named Omar. “This one is crazy,” the interrogator said. “Don’t get close, or he’ll bite you.”

Omar was a Sunni Arab from a village outside Mosul; he was a short and weedy man, roughly 30 years old, who radiated a pure animal anger. He was also a relentless jabberer; he did not shut up from the moment we were introduced. I met him in an unventilated interrogation room that smelled of bleach and paint. He was handcuffed, and he cursed steadily, making appalling accusations about the sexual practices of the interrogator’s mother. He cursed the Kurds, in general, as pig-eaters, blasphemers, and American lackeys. As Omar ranted, the interrogator smiled. “I told you the Arabs don’t like the Kurds,” he said. I’ve known the interrogator for a while, and this is his perpetual theme: close proximity to Arabs has sabotaged Kurdish happiness.

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2 02 2008
Ghazala Khan

Dear , thanks a lot for your consent. Here are the questions for the interview. Please also send us a brief bio of yourself, url of your site, and if you want us to publish your pic, avatar or log, please also send it along. Please send the answers at your earliest convenience.

Here are the questions:

Would you please tell us something about you and your site?

The object behind every blog is the attainment of a state of being. Do you agree with this statement?

I’m wondering what some of your memorable experiences are with blogging?

What do you think is the most exciting or most innovative use of technology in politics right now?

Do you think that these new technologies are effective in making people more responsive?

What do you think sets Your site apart from others?

If you could choose one characteristic you have that brought you success, what would it be?

What was the happiest and gloomiest moment of your life?

Do you think [the use of Twitter and other social networking tools by politicians] is bandwagon jumping or what?

If you could pick a travel destination, anywhere in the world, with no worries about how it’s
paid for – what would your top 3 choices be?

What is your favorite book and why?

What’s the first thing you notice about a person (whether you know them or not)?

Is there anyone from your past that once told you you couldn’t write?

How bloggers can benefit from blogs financially?

Is it true that who has a successful blog has an awful lot of time on their hands?

What are your thoughts on corporate blogs and what do you think the biggest advantages and disadvantages are?

What role can bloggers of the world play to make this world more friendlier and less hostile?

Who are your top five favourite bloggers?

Is there one observation or column or post that has gotten the most powerful reaction from people?

What is your perception about Pakistan and its people?

Have you ever become stunned by the uniqueness of any blogger?

What is the most striking difference between a developed country and a developing country?

What is the future of blogging?

You have also got a blogging life, how has it directly affected both your personal and professional life?

What are your future plans?

Any Message you want to give to the readers of The Pakistani Spectator?

Ghazala Khan
The Pakistani Spectator

2 02 2008

You know Tia, all this stuff is bcs of oil. This Al-Qaeda is exactly helps US to go for his satanic thoughts about the greater middle east. If you notice the map, all places of Iran, Saudi Arabia Iraq and etc which has oil, goes for the state that americans want to make. So Muslim countries will lose the power of oil. The only country which is safe, is Kuwait. Bcs that’s years after Iraq-Kuwait war, they hiddenly give money (bribery) to Americans.. The free Kurdistan and Balouchistan also will be police of the Mid East. For their power is by americans. Their all problem is to take power of oil from Muslim countries.

Believe me after finishing the new Mid East, they even will end up the Al-Qaeda. Like what they did with Saddam. When they didnt need him, they removed him.

Horrible days of future..

3 02 2008

This Al-Qaeda exactly helps*

Sorry for mistakes.. lol

3 02 2008

They are planning the same for Pakistan, to carve it up in three, Punjab for punjabis, balochistan for the pakhtun and sindh for the muhajir. any views on that?

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