2 02 2008

For those who are curious, muslimsweety is not the name of a new sweet or anything else for that matter.

I am participating in a learning competition set on the Ummah Forum  to get a better understanding of how search engines and website rankings work, which I actually don’t understand. So it may prove to be a worthwhile and educational participation, in someway or the other.  🙂




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2 02 2008

Interesting. Thats months i stopped going to forums. lol

3 02 2008

Ever since I started blogging hardly get time for any forums. But this competition just caught my eye and thought it would be a good practice 🙂

4 02 2008

I think it works. If you type ‘muslimsweety’ on google it brings your blog. Are you sure you want to have a tag like that on your blog? :p

10 02 2008

It doesn’t work for me though, for some reason. hmmm

18 02 2008


you are somewhere down the google page, need to bring it up as its not long to go. 🙂

nice blog, keep up the good work.

29 05 2008

salaams sis

can we link swap ? pls email me so i can link back to you.

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