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4 02 2008

There is lots going on. To start with, it was revealed on Sunday that Sadiq Khan MP for Tooting was bugged twice by the Metropolitan Police which may have shocked government ministers and members of Parliament but comes as little surprise to British Muslims who for some time have felt that they are living in a “Police State.” Sadiq Khan is a lawyer by profession and was bugged twice on his visits to Woodhill prison to discuss legal matters with his constituent Babar Ahmed.

Bugging of MP ‘ordered by Police officer’

PRESS RELEASE: Reaction by Family to Police Bugging of MP’s Visit.

Egypt-Gaza border is being sealed again causing confusion, havoc and casualties on both sides. Palestinian shot dead after Egypt-Gaza border sealed

On the issue of Iraq, a very good article discussing facts and trends on the ground. – The State of the (Iraq) union.

Divorce Sharia Style was a documentary shown on Ch4 last Sunday. The documentary centered around the London based Islamic Sharia Council and the kind of challenges it faces in being officially recognized. Aside from that, it also highlighted lack of understanding of shariah rules by Muslims showing exactly how stupid and naive some Muslims living in Britain can be! A more lengthy discussion on this can be found at Sumera’s Inner Reflections Transcribed.

In the blog sphere, Shahrzad and Unique Muslimah are working on a brand new blog project called: Empowered Muslim Youth. Please take a look and support their project by giving your input.

I have also been reading Dr Marranci‘s rather interesting blog: Islam, Muslims and an Anthropologist.

Oh and Pakistani Spectator was kind enough to send me bunch of interview questions which they have now published on their site. I must admit I knew nothing about this excellent blog until I’d seen it.. and what can I say? If you like to know anything about Pakistan, its people, culture and particularly Political analysis… it’s the one stop blog for all.




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5 02 2008

Thank you for your support Tia. I read that interview. YOU ROCK. πŸ˜€
Be prepared for EMY too πŸ˜‰

5 02 2008

hey was jst visiting frd’s blogs….wen ur nick caught ma attentions….
i didnt know some1 wid da same nick as me also blogs…..

well i dont blog wid the nick “TIA” but we do share the same name πŸ˜€

5 02 2008

Apparently SAdiq Khan has been bugged for last several years which is quiet disturbing considering he is a labour sweetheart. Why are they bugging Babar Ahmed who is serving a prison sentence and facing an extradition??

Just read the interview.. well done πŸ™‚

5 02 2008

About the interview Tia, it was very interesting. See, I always knew you were a bundle of brains, but that stamped and sealed it, hehehe… I’m glad our paths crossed. Keep blogging and keep enlightening us, πŸ™‚

And to find me on your top five list. Yey! *does the jig*

5 02 2008

Read the interview. Im glad to see you find my drivel of a blog interesting Tia :p I have no idea how these Adsense things work. I am so totally clueless :-/
Surely the case of Sadiq Khan being bugged isn’t new? Weren’t there other MPs who were bugged even after the ruling it was illegal to do so? Im sure there were….

Had a quick browse of Dr Marracni’s blog, seems to be focused on all things political! Interesting though.

5 02 2008
Unique Muslimah

Thanks for the word Tia πŸ˜€

6 02 2008

Shahrzad thanks, you rock too πŸ˜‰

Khawab it’s nice to meet you too and you have a lovely blog which I will check out properly. What’s frd’s blogs?

Hasmita I think more will be revealed soon on this case.

Bubbles, no brains here. I am just a joker with a big mouth. I thought these interview things are quiet good as it’s one way of knowing more about the bloggers we read. πŸ™‚

Sumera, I really admire the way you just come out with whatever issue you have problem with. Some of which made me question things which I thought were clear in my mind, which means, what you may consider drivel has been a great help to me.

Unique Muslimah thanks for dropping by πŸ™‚

6 02 2008

May we continue to help each other πŸ˜€

7 02 2008
Amina Ae Sook

O wow, the interview is inspiring. You rock!

11 02 2008

I am surprised you have not spoken on the recent furore caused by the Archbishop?

The response from Muslims has been interesting so far. I heard this morning interview of the same Imam who runs the Shariah court shown on Channel 4 documentary saying he wants to see Shariah law in the UK whereas you have some Muslim groups taking a completely different approach. I was wondering what your views are as a British Muslim?

12 02 2008

thanks Amina πŸ™‚

Akshaw I have two Positions regarding this matter, firstly, it wasn’t Muslims who instigated this, therefore there is no need to make public statements. Let those who are full of hatred and malice scream and shout their heads off (I don’t mean the Muslims in this case), because as far as I am concerned there is no issue. Based on this, my take is that Muslims should not even address the issue and stay clear, I will explain why.

Second theory is that Europe has been carrying out psychological operations for a long time to test Muslim reaction, to see how many stay on the sidelines, how many come out with guns blazing and how many come out with uncle Tom banner. They started with the Muslim women, women in every society are easiest target… yes, the issue of Hijaab. I remember it became the headlines and even those who didn’t know what a hijab was were discussing and debating it. Than it was the discussion of integration, followed by the Cartoons, speech made by the Pope, honoring of Rushdie, fears of Islamisation of Europe, radical mosques and now this. All of these sparked never ending discussions amongst liberals, religious, mods, neo-cons, radicals and what have you. This pattern of events doesn’t surprise me at all.

22 02 2008
Ghazala Khan

It was really a moving experience to interview Dear Tia.


1 04 2009

Assalamu ‘alaikum,

Please email me.


28 05 2009

Assalamu β€˜alaikum,

Please email me.


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