Cheap Fried Chicken

10 02 2008

Fried chicken being sold in Yorkshire for some ridiculously cheap prices:

1pc chicken and fries: 85p

2pc chicken, fries and drink: £1.99

chicken burger, fries and drink: £1.99

Grilled baby chicken: £2.50

7″ Pizza with three toppings: 95p

Chicken being sold in these places is probably not chicken and something else, if it is really chicken, than such prices are an insult to the chicken itself.  I refuse to buy any take away meal involving chicken for less than £2.99… but this does not mean I would happily eat at Nandos who charge far too much.

Bring on good chicken for morally acceptable prices.




5 responses

11 02 2008

Nowt wrong with Sam’s chicken1

11 02 2008

‘morally acceptable’ hahahaha… Tia, you crack me up!

12 02 2008

Haha, Tia. There are kind of food shops in Tehran too. We call their sandwiches as “dirty sandwich”. Once i tried them in the time i didnt have any other choice. They were amazingly delicious and i dont know “how”. Usually journalists are a fan of kind of shop. But not me anymore.. 😀

17 02 2008

You are probably right: There múst be something wrong.

17 12 2008

lol morally acceptable prices!!!!

I love Raja’s 😀


you can how much those pricey outlets are making out of our pockets? If someone can really sell ‘chicken’ for 85p, then how much others are making out of it…and no almost all of them use same chicken! you want to believe or not that is something else 😛

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