Women and Shariah

22 02 2008

A very good discussion on the treatment of women under the shariah following comments by Dr Rowan Williams.

Joan Bakewell (Broadcaster) and Dr Nazreen Nawaz (Muslim activist)

Enjoy with a cup of tea πŸ™‚




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22 02 2008

You dont know Youtube is filtered in Iran? I can never claim to any clip here :-S

22 02 2008

That’s too bad, so much censorship. I’m pretty sure they monitor bloggers too, especially if they’re garnering too much traffic. They could be spying on you right now. *pulls Shahrzad closer and whispers* Watch your back!

I can’t access Youtube from here either… I think they’re upgrading the system at the moment.

23 02 2008

yep, youtube is down for me too.

24 02 2008

This vid was available on google video too. Hope this works. πŸ™‚

24 02 2008

Thanks for sharing this Tia, πŸ™‚ My hubby watched it and was telling me about it. Those guys at Islam Channel are doing a great job. May Allah reward them all abundantly and open the hearts and minds of all those who tune in to the beauty of Islam.


Why didn’t Dr. Nazreen answer Joan’s question of what happens when someone doesn’t want to adhere to Islamic edicts? She sidestepped it by saying quite the contrary majority of Muslims are calling for a stricter adherance to Islamic teachings in the world over.

To add my own two cents, there is the major issue of the human ego which often ‘gets in the way’ of the best of us. Then there is also ignorance, lack of understanding, weakness of character and low self-esteem, negative environmental influences, and bad experiences with muslims mis-practicing Islam. All of this put together or in various combinations can make a person refuse certain aspects of Islam.

In the beginning Joan mentioned that ‘most’ of her information about Islam come from women who have suffered maltreatment, etc, in the hands of fellow Muslims. I wonder, is this because those are the only calibre of Muslimah’s shes exposed to or does she patronize them because their perceptions towards Islam, fuel her own longstanding perceptions towards Islam?

Overally, it was an interesting exchange. I watched it with a can of pringles, I’m not a tea person, hehe… Though I don’t think Joan came off more convinced that Islam is superior to western secularism. Allahu’alim.

What I would really like to see is an episode about divorce in Islam from the womans perspective and I would like them to have at least one man among the panel.

25 02 2008


Thanks for sharing this clip. I really have had my eyes and mind exposed to something new….

25 02 2008

bubbles I think both of them were on the offensive, and I usually like this style of discussion where one person is not shoved in the corner having to justify everything to the other. I think people like Joan have a long way to go before they warm up to Islam, however having to sit on Islam channel along with two women who are complete opposite of what she knew of Muslim women, and participating in an intellectual discussion with them has probably changed many of her misconceptions. It also shows us the scope and level of work we as Muslim women must engage with others.

I can’t remember the last time I had pringles, its as if they didn’t exist anymore lol. I might try some πŸ™‚ and I agree, Islam channel is doing a good job so far.. they are very open to new ideas, perhaps you can suggest a programme about divorce.

AngryMuslimah wa alaykum assalam glad you enjoyed it πŸ™‚

2 03 2008

Well most Muslim women particularly those who seek asylum usually do so to flee from forced marriages, FGM and other similar practises which we know aren’t Islamic but they are often practised as if they come from Islam. And in terms of men dominating over women simply because they are men is somehow not always do-able since abilities and capabilities may not be there. Some men are so pathetically inept one wonders how they walk upright – so to appoint someone with rights and privileges that they cannot carry out will abviously reek anarchy and it has done as we can see where men abuse divorce rights, inheritance and other banal things such as the right to work and to pursue further/higher education.

Some Muslim men also view women as sex objects – they just do it in a different way. Usually they do so by way of leering, groping and sexually harrassing; why Muslim countries have high number of sexually frustrated men I don’t know but I doubt strict segregation aids in this. Women don’t want to be men – that is not feminism or ideas of feminisms came from. They just want to be treated equitably and be considered as worthy, valuable and honourable as men are.

In the whole vid, I agreed with various points made by both speakers and also disagreed with some. Joan or Nazreen both didn’t have one over the other. They made valid points repsectively. I very much doubt having a Khilafah would eradicate backward attitudes and discriminatory treatments of women, the incapability of Islamic courts to pursue proceedings properly in terms of rape cases, inheritance disputes and skewed divorce rights etc overnight- these things have built up over decades and will take much longer to solve.

Good debate nontheless.

4 03 2008

Thanks Sumera well said.

I have thought long and hard about this but I have not managed to pin point why men in Muslim countries are in such state!

4 03 2008

Sumera is always on point…….lol

5 03 2008

thanks for posting…this is reality.

8 03 2008

AngryMuslimah she is, isnt she? MarshaAllah

Thanks for visiting my blog Amina πŸ™‚

28 12 2008

What is MarshAllah? @ Tia

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