“ And We have sent down to you the Book as an exposition of everything, a guidance, a mercy, and glad tidings for those who have submitted themselves.” (Qur’an 16:89).

I am Muslim woman, a freelance activist and an author. I was born and raised in the UK by parents who are both converts to Islam. I have been brought up in an Islamic-British environment with Islam being part of my earliest education. Recently, I have had opportunity to study Islam, its applicability and relevance to the modern world. For that reason, I began blogging to engage with other bloggers and non-bloggers in translating my thoughts and those of others.

Please do post comments, agreements/disagreements you may have with my views.



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25 07 2007

Good start. I like your entries and the subjects you chose. I will read your archive insha’llah as soon as possible 🙂

25 07 2007

Thanks for dropping by. I had a quick browse of your blog and would really appreciate your comments here. Please do stay 🙂

29 07 2007

Assalamu ‘alaykum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu

Mashaa’Allaah tabarakAllaah your blog looks really interesting, inshaa’Allaah we benefit from it and it makes us think and has an affect on us. Ameen.

Fi Amanillah


30 07 2007

Wa alaikum assalaam Dear sis

Thanks for visiting. insha’allah please visit again and I would really appreciate your comments.

8 08 2007

I am defently staying at your blog tia ! please tell what was it like living in suadia arabia suffocating ?

8 08 2007

thanks confusedaboutlife for visiting here and staying 🙂

you know, when I came back after first semester I had problems at both airports. But when I landed at Heathrow it felt like home, sweet home. When someone asked, I think ‘suffocating’ was the word I used to describe it.

For me, it was suffocating because Uni policy included no political discussions on campus, that includes everything really and you can’t say anything against the despotic regime and the clergy. But that is really the case with all Muslim countries particularly the Arab ones, they are all run by brutal dictatorial regimes.

Apart from that, I enjoyed most of it. My Arabic has improved so much that I can now write in Arabic and speak Fusha. Arabs can be very nice once they know you are white, complexes are great and its not too bad living there esp in Madinah.

but there is nothing like home!

2 09 2007
hasan anyabwile

Salaam ‘alaykum
It was a refreshing experience to read a blog by a Muslim woman who knows what she is about, keep up the good work and I will be reading intently, inshaAllah.

3 09 2007

wa alaikum assalaam

Thanks for visiting here, please do visit agains and feel free to comment on posts. 🙂

10 12 2007

Hi Tia

I have enjoyed reading some of your articles on this blog. I am particularly interested in your article “14 century blunder” and wish to publish it on our website. Could you please clarify your copyright statement, if any?


30 01 2008

I believe all ideas should have maximum exposure. All material contained on this blog is free to reproduce, distribute, transmit, display, publish or broadcast without Prior permission. For any properly cited individual quotation no permission is necessary.

31 01 2008

Tia are you back !!! ?? 😀

email me inshallah and let me know , I have missed you loads .

2 02 2008
Qualifying My Terminology « Speculative

[…] This post comes in response to some good dialogue I received from my last post. I reproduced Tia’s point briefly below with my response below it. I truly appreciate the fact that she read, and made […]

6 02 2008
Amina Ae Sook

Looks like a good place to hang out, I will try to visit often. Keep up the good work.

6 02 2008

Amal where are you these days?

Amina Ae sook thanks for dropping 🙂

7 02 2008
Abdur Rahman

Salaams Tia,

ma sha Allah! An interesting blog and take on things. Insha Allah, I’ll be dropping by in the future.

Abdur Rahman

10 02 2008

Wa alaikum assalam

Thanks for the kind comment, please do visit again.

29 02 2008


29 05 2008

salaams sis

can we link swap ?

i posted this comment on another page by accident, pls delete it

email me inshallah and I will link back



14 11 2008
Michael Andregg

Hello! I am Michael Andregg, a citizen of St. Paul Minnesota USA who teaches at two universities and is writing a chapter for Oxford University Press on “Ethics for Intelligence Professionals” (spies and those who work for intelligence agencies).

I would cite your essay on Muslim’s and Spying if I knew who you are, but your biographical information says just “I am a Muslim woman … UK … etc.”

So please let me know if you can be a whole person rather than an anonymous blogger. Best wishes always, Michael Andregg

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