طروحات ونقضها


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12 11 2008
hasan anyabwile

Salam alaykum

We are members of the Shehu Jamaat here in the UK and we noticed that you have shown some interest in info on this jamaat and the works of Shaykh Muhammad Shareef.

was salam
Shaykh Hasan Anybwile al Karibi.

1 03 2009

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5 04 2009
mervyn chrarles

Islam is dead because Muslims have strayed from Quran and lean on the misunderstanding of “skullers”.

I visit this site for the first time and it seems “same ole same old”.

Muslims can only be “individual” today because there is no umma.

Prove me wrong if you like and I will defend my belief with every ounce of strength.

Show me an honest translation of Quran or show me an honest “skuller’.

1 10 2011
anis ul hassan

what skuller are can u defined in detail.

1 10 2011

stop this. You wrongfully attacked Hamza Yusuf and Sudais. Stop this. May Allah have mercy on your soul.

4 10 2011

Asalaamu Alaikum to all.

Islam is a true way of the human being but n’t understand to all Allah only understand same of his peaple, and Alhamdulillah i don’t know more but i belief islam and orders o my Allah swt.

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