Cheap Fried Chicken

10 02 2008

Fried chicken being sold in Yorkshire for some ridiculously cheap prices:

1pc chicken and fries: 85p

2pc chicken, fries and drink: £1.99

chicken burger, fries and drink: £1.99

Grilled baby chicken: £2.50

7″ Pizza with three toppings: 95p

Chicken being sold in these places is probably not chicken and something else, if it is really chicken, than such prices are an insult to the chicken itself.  I refuse to buy any take away meal involving chicken for less than £2.99… but this does not mean I would happily eat at Nandos who charge far too much.

Bring on good chicken for morally acceptable prices.


I love Dates

4 10 2007

I have been trying to stay offline these days in attempt to make full use of Ramadhan. At this moment, I could not stop myself from sharing my fascination and addiction with dates. This happens to be my first date eating Ramadhan. In the previous years, I have always passed on the offer to break fast with a date opting in for a chocolate or piece of fruit. The reason being.. I didn’t like the look of them! And deep down I felt the guilt of not consuming something so dearly attached to the blessed month. This year, as part of my Ramadhan preparation list I had put down, “Tia must eat dates in Ramadhan”. And guess what? they are delicious. I am pinching myself for missing out on such a lovely fruit for all these years.

Now, I am making up for all those years without dates. I have them for iftar, carry them around with me, for suhr, in cereal, I even made a dates milkshake which tasted like chocolate and the only way to describe the syrup I can find is Subhan’Allah.

Dates also hold remedy to many diseases including Witchcraft!

Dates, I love you!

(hope its readable as I posted from mobile device)/