Spooky Internet Cafe!

4 12 2007

I have couple of hours spare in the afternoon between a morning class and the Hajj course at the mosque. There is no point going home since it takes a while to get in and out of town, not to mention the parking headache….so I’ve been hanging around the town for that time. Killing time is not easy, there is only so much you can walk around and that in the freezing cold. I’ve tried sitting in the car with coffee listening to radio but time still drags. Few days ago, I walked into an Internet Cafe (I’d actually never been to one of those before), it was great, checked my emails, a few blogs and two hours long gone. So, I’ve been doing that for last few days but today I totally freaked out seeing the mouse pointer move on its own across the screen. *shock* At first I ignored it, it happened again and again after a few mins. I turned around, but there was no one at the reception desk. I was too freaked out to stay there, I grabbed my bag and left.

 This usually happens when someone gains remote access to your pc, sometimes a user can never know their computer is being remote accessed unless the remote user moves the mouse in the remote screen. It happened a few times at work, the I.T guys do it to change settings with an advance warning. That’s what freaked me out, someone had been monitoring my screen and come to think of it, its happened before I just didn’t pay any attention to it.

Who was it? Better not be Spooks. well, I guess I won’t know, and I am never going back there to find out. From tomorrow I am switching back to coffee in the car with radio and perhaps continue playing lemmings on the phone. No where is safe these days, too many professional beggars on the streets and people walking around with hoods on, and when you think you may just be safe in an Internet Cafe. You are wrong!

 Internet Cafes’ are centre of most Internet related frauds and scams. A simple search for Internet Cafe Frauds/scams will reveal some shocking links to crimes a simple user is vulnerable to. So please do take care and be cautious when accessing the Internet from anywhere other than home or work and try to use copy/paste rather than typing in details if using credit card is necessary- to avoid the key-logging software.. esp on holiday trips.