Break from it all

18 05 2008

Assalam alaikum wrtwbrkt

Alhamdulillah I am well and healthy and hope everyone is doing fine.

Sorry for not updating the blog and visiting all my favourite blogs/bloggers. I am still alive, though have been very busy with work, settling in at home with new family and now I have my finals which I am studying for. Insh’Allah will be back to blogging after exams with lots to moan about :p

I am missing ya all, please make Du’a for me.

oooh wordpress looks all different. :S




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19 05 2008

Haha, Happy to see you here again and more happy that you’re alive and active. Alhamdulilah. You’re in my Duas. Insha’allah you will do exams best and will come back to blogland soon. 🙂

23 05 2008

Welcome. Good luck w ur exams and everything else 😀

27 05 2008

me 2 ! inshallah we will see you soon sweetie

4 06 2008

Endways says : I absolutely agree with this !

5 06 2008

Phew! Thought you up and ran away on us, double PHEW!

5 06 2008

Phew! Thought you upped and ran away on us, double PHEW!

Good to have you back, Tia, alhamdulilah!


2 10 2008

Ramadan Mubarak to you, sister. I am glad to see that you are back, as I found several interesting articles on your site.

1 03 2009

please sign and distribute: israel is an outlawed entity

please campaign with us

18 05 2009
Nan O.

It’s exactly a year today since your last post. I keep coming here expecting to see a new post. Well… wherever you are, wish you all the best.


3 08 2010
mina makki

hi dear friend

Here me and my partners have a questionary which will survey the essential needs of
muslim minorities.
Can I ask you see the link below and answer to short questions please? All data you give
will be kept.
I am grateful!

6 03 2011
Ustadh Luqman al-Andalusi al-Fudi

As Salamu Alaykum, I would just like to know who you are?

I translate the books of the Shehu Uthman and have hundreds of manuscripts and although I am not black I was in charge of the Sankore Institute Library at one time in Pittsburgh, PA.

Please send me an-email so I can ask you a few things, Shukran wa BarakAllahu Feek!

10 08 2012

May Allah help you to spread authentic Islamic knowledge and revive the sunnah as well as hold on the rope of Allah as the companions of our Prophet Mumuhammad {saw} held it.

If you have time, please visit my site :

It will be a gift gor me if you give me any suggetion.JAJAKALLAH KHAYR.

28 06 2015

islam is the devils religion and muslims are there discyples.

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