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Freedom is something that every human being strives for, yet few understand its reality. It has been an elusive dream for most of humanity. Western culture and democracy was built on its promise, only to fail in its vision. Islam is the only ideology that presented the concept of freedom to the people in its true form and established the means by which to achieve it. A comparison of the western democratic culture’s concept of freedom vs. that of the Islamic ideology will provide a clearer understanding for this issue. <Read More…>

It is significant that the desire to create an alternative world, to modify or augment the real world through the act of writing is inimical to the Islamic worldview. The Prophet of Islam (saw) is he who has completed a world-view; thus the word heresy in Arabic is synonymous with the verb ‘to innovate’ or ‘to begin’. Islam views the world as a plenum (full), capable of neither diminishment nor amplification.” Thus Edward Said rationalises the absence of the novel in Arabic literature, in his book Beginnings, intention & method. Said considered novels to be – among other things – “aesthetic objects that fill gaps in an incomplete world”. And according to him, Arabic stories like those in the Arabian nights are merely “ornamental, variations on the world, not completions of it; neither are they… designed to illustrate… ways in which the world can be viewed and changed”.

The Musilms Ummah today finds itself in an unpalatable situation, an intellectual and political slumber with no way out. Many commentators observe the problem of the Muslims to be a political problem requiring a political solution. There are various solutions being proposed…. Read

Ramadan is continuously the subject of much writing and discussion. There are many lessons and angles elucidated for us through the writings and words of those who wish to share their opinions and insights. These perspectives, when coming from accomplished Savants of Islam are invaluable to seekers looking to deepen their understanding of religion. <Read More…>

There is a great debate going on about equality of sexes in Islam. The question being raised is whether Islam gives women an inferior position or a position which would allow them to excel equally in society? <Read More>

“The Relevance of Islam in the Modern world” is what everyone is talking about. I often find myself in the middle of discussions questioning, ‘are the Islamic traditions (shariah) relevant to the problems faced by the modern world?’ The most argued point which springs up in every discussion is the dire and rather declining situation of the Muslim world in contrast with the progressive ‘Modern’ West. <Read More>


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